Women rule. Even our dogs are female, the lone male is neutered: Sylvester Stallone

Hollywood stud Sylvester Stallone’s worn many hats – producer, screenwriter, actor and director. Successful professional. With a successful marriage too. And what helps him in the latter is – ok, obviously, love wife Jennifer Flavin is tops – but a second important aspect is, he pampers her silly. Or sweet. With chocolates. Which he brings her twice a week.


sly stone on ellen degeneres showThe hunk will go all awkwardly a-gush on the Ellen DeGeneres Show tonight. And you can’t miss it. Because when Ellen asks him about the reason for his successful marriage, Stallone says, “I just keep my mouth shut and don’t cause waves.” Spot on, Mr Stallone! But wait, he’s not all muscle, but sense and sensitivity too. “Again, she’s fantastic,” he says of his wife Jennifer, “but it’s all women. Women rule. Even the dogs — they’re female, and the one male’s been neutered.” Ouch!

“I just sit there,” Stallone says, going wistful. “I’d love to hang out with someone, you know what I mean. I just sit there and just watch the leaves fall off the tree of my life,” he’s said on the show when speaking about his successful marriage.

He’s also told Ellen that his wife Jennifer and their three daughters have tenderized him!

Though 69, Stallone has a huge fan-following, and not all of them are over-the-hill dirt-bikers. Ellen, the host of the show, confessed to Stallone, “I have to say, you created a very tenacious character and you’re an amazing athlete, but you’re the sweetest guy I have ever met. I mean I just fell in love with you when I met you!”

Now that’s sweet too. Too much sweetness in just four paragraphs? No, not quite enough. The Ellen DeGeneres show is a personal favourite, and seeing Sylvester Stallone’s sensitive, soft, sweet side – phew, too much alliteration too! – will be something special. Catch it all on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Romedy NOW on Thursday, the 14th of April, at 7.30 pm India time.

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