A nice girlie flick for Sunday night

I like all genres of movies – I’m a die-hard movie and television buff, and will hoard not only the DVDs, but also time, even snatching it from other important things to do, sometimes, for binge watching. And — I’m not abashed to admit it — I like girlie flicks too. You know, of the heartwarming Serendipity kind. A sucker for emotion.

Which is why I’m looking forward to this romedy on Sunday night. It’s a 16-year-old film that I’ve somehow missed watching, and one that’s got an IMDB rating of 6.4 on 10 across a sample of 156,002. And one with an impossible title – after all, who can tell What Women Want? But in this film, Mel Gibson plays a guy who suddenly gets the ability to hear the thoughts of women. And then there are the kind of situations that a Plots Unlimited kind of automated screenplay ‘suggester’ would create. Most girlie flick plotlines are predictable, of course, you know that unless it’s really a tragedy, all will end well. As indeed it does in this movie too, but the journey’s the fun of the thing.

You might want to end your weekend on a Sunday night at home, watching this rom-com in which anger, jealousy and hate are interrupted by love. What Women Want airs on Romedy NOW,  Sunday,  17 April,  at 9 pm.

Image-For-What-Women-Want-PavanRChawla.comThe film’s a heartwarming rib-tickler, about Nick (played by Gibson), a hot-shot chauvinistic advertising executive, whose life turns haywire when a freak accident enables him to hear what women think.

In the beginning, Nick is just desperate to lose the new-found ‘ability’. But he’s reckoned without a very persuasive and wacky psychologist who tells him how he could use the ability to – wink wink — hear what women want, eh? To his complete advantage, of course.

Nick is quickly convinced because he sees an opportunity to get even with Darcy Maguire — played by Helen Hunt – the woman who received the promotion that Nick had set his sights on for a very long time. And, filled with hate, negativity and not a little jealousy and driven by a desire for revenge, a delighted Nick watches his plan unfold.

But wait. Suddenly, there’s one new element in the equation – love. He’s falling in love with the very woman he wanted revenge from! What happens next is gonna be interesting. For me at least, as I haven’t watched this movie yet.

The film, directed by Nancy Meyers and written by Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa and Diane Drake, was a success. Helen Hunt won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress – Comedy/Romance. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

So, you might want to end your weekend on a Sunday night at home, watching this rom-com in which anger, jealousy and hate are interrupted by love.

What Women Want, starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, will air on Romedy NOW at 9 pm on Sunday, 17th April.

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